How To Take Care of Your Skin After Laser Treatment 

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When opting for a laser or light-based skin treatment to rejuvenate your skin, you may experience mild to moderate aftereffects such as peeling, redness, or swelling. Typically, these symptoms don’t last long, but there are simple ways you can care for your skin after laser treatments.  

Proper skin care is also vital in maintaining and optimizing your results. In this post, we will discuss some methods to care for your skin after 2 of the most popular laser skin treatments: Halo® and ForeverYoung BBL treatments.

How Does Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing Work? 

Halo is the only hybrid fractional laser with temperature-controlled dual laser technology to treat the skin’s outer and deeper layers. 

The ablative wavelength removes a tailored portion of the skin’s surface layer, enabling the non-ablative laser to penetrate the deeper tissues, triggering collagen production, which supports skin hydration, increases skin tone and texture, and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and sun damage. Whereas an older laser such as a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser will ablate (remove) all or most of the upper layer resulting in significant thermal (heat) to the skin and causing considerable pain, Halo results in significantly less heat trauma, thereby healing quicker without the need for prescription pain medications or multiple-weeks of aftercare. 

How To Care For Your Skin After Halo Treatment 

Every patient has different needs, whether acne scars are predominant, sun damage with heavy melasma, or perhaps heavy lines and folds. Many patients have a combination of many concerns. We customize each treatment location, setting, pre-care, and aftercare based on your needs and the best way to achieve your goals. The degree of downtime and aftercare will vary depending on the intensity of your treatment. Still, caring for your skin after the procedure is straightforward. You will notice some redness and mild swelling for the first 1-2 days, but these symptoms will quickly subside, with normal-appearing skin occurring on days 4-5. 

Your after-treatment skin care package reflects your treatment settings. Our staff trains you on how and when to use your aftercare products at your consult and day of your Halo treatment. 

Do not wash your face on the first day. After 24 hours post-treatment, you can gently cleanse your skin with lukewarm water and Alastin Gentle Cleanser. When washing your face, use only your hands—no sponges, towelettes, or microfiber clothes. After washing, gently pat dry your skin with a dry paper towel. After cleansing, follow your customized aftercare instructions and skincare routine to tone, moisturize, repair, and protect your treatment site. 

You can resume wearing makeup three (3) days after your Halo treatment, but we recommend you avoid skincare products with harsh ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid. 

This related blog will answer more questions about Halo and what you can expect.  

How Does ForeverYoung BBL Work? 

This treatment works by mildly heating the deeper layers of the skin with broadband light and activating the skin’s natural healing response, increasing the production of collagen and elastin. ForeverYoung BBL helps restore aging and damaged skin cells, diminishing the appearance of acne scars, pigmentation, age spots, and vascular lesions.  

If your skin is not quite ready for ForeverYoung BBL, you can also try a gentle HydraFacial® for nourishing facial rejuvenation.  

How To Care For Your Skin After ForeverYoung BBL Treatment 

You might notice mild redness and swelling after your ForeverYoung BBL treatment, but you can usually return to your usual daily activities immediately after treatment. Your provider may recommend using a cold compress or ice pack to ease swelling and redness. We recommend you avoid makeup for at least 24 hours, and we recommend mineral-based makeup only from 24 to 96 hours after your treatment. 

Make sure to apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to protect your skin; it will be very vulnerable to the sun after treatment. You should also avoid scratching or scrubbing the treated areas, as these actions can lead to scarring. 

Ultimately, laser and light-based skin treatments can revitalize your skin, cure a wide range of skin concerns, and reveal a younger, more vibrant YOU! The treatments, however, are in office, medical grade therapies, and it is vital to give your skin the proper loving care after your procedure. Men and women who trust us for their laser skin care needs love their results—and always look their best!  

If you are ready to transform your skin with Halo or ForeverYoung BBL skin treatment, request a consultation or call us at (541) 200-2444 to schedule an appointment. 

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