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Our medical spa is dedicated to evidence-based treatments delivered in a luxurious environment. To ensure that you get the caliber of care and results you deserve, our team at Pure Medspa in Medford, Oregon, is supervised by a board-certified physician associate. Experience and dedication to dermatology and skincare inform our choices of products and technology, as well as the treatment plans we develop for our guests.

Joe Gatti, PA-C – Aesthetics Director

Meet Joe Gatti, a master craftsman in dermatology and aesthetic cosmetic medicine and the proud co-founder of Pure Medspa. A journey that started in the scenic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest has led Joe to become a leading light in his field right here in Medford.

Joe’s dedication to excellence is as vast and deep as the Pacific. The military discipline and leadership skills he acquired as a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point still shine brightly in his work. His journey in the military culminated in the prestigious Interservice Physician Assistant Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where he graduated with a Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS). This distinguished path has culminated in a 14-year career spent mastering the art and science of dermatology.

Joe’s exceptional skillset at our state-of-the-art medical spa spans a comprehensive range of treatments that cater to all your skincare and aesthetic needs. As a master in aesthetic dermatology, he deftly guides patients in the best procedures for their goals, ranging from a simple HydraFacial® through our laser offerings such as Sciton BBL®, SkinTyte®, Halo®, Moxi®, and Contour TRL™ resurfacing to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. His expertise in body contouring techniques, including Sculptra®, EMsculpt NEO®, EMface®, and CoolSculpting®, allows him to sculpt and refine your physique to an elevated you.

Joe’s proficiency doesn’t stop there; he is also adept at administering neuromodulators like BOTOX® and a wide array of dermal fillers to help you achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance. His mastery in advanced dermatologic non-surgical procedures, such as Agnes and Scarlet microneedling, also ensures you receive the most cutting-edge treatments.

With Joe Gatti, you get more than a provider—you get a passionate professional who cares deeply about your skincare needs, both clinical and aesthetic. He brings his world-class expertise and heart to Medford, embodying precision, skill, and genuine care. So, experience the best local dermatology and aesthetic cosmetic medicine services, all under one roof, with Joe Gatti at Pure Medspa.

Joe Gatti, PA-C – Aesthetics Director

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Emile Garcia – Spa Manager/Licensed Massage Therapist

Emile, a masterful Licensed Massage Therapist, brings two decades of specialized experience to the tranquil haven of Pure Medspa. His illustrious career spans prestigious spas, including the Pure Blu Spa at Marriott and the Pacific Waters Spa at Huntington Beach Hyatt, where his expertise in curating sublime relaxation and rejuvenation experiences was perfected.

Having collaborated with the crème de la crème of athletes at the Olympic Training Center, Emile has honed an exceptional understanding of the body’s capabilities, tailoring massage therapies to bolster athletic resilience and recuperation. His versatile skill set is further enhanced by his tenure as an Account Executive for Babor Cosmetics, where he expertly merged the realms of skincare and massage.

Emile’s philosophy centers on the body’s self-healing potential, with his therapeutic touch ranging from Deep Tissue to Swedish massage, all designed to align and invigorate the body’s harmony. When not in the spa, Emile is dynamic, engaging in disc golf, Olympic weightlifting, and refining his Jiu-Jitsu prowess. His involvement in Deepak Chopra’s meditation retreats has imbued him with a holistic wisdom that he artfully weaves into his practice.

At Pure Medspa, Emile is your expert guide for wellness, inviting clients to a sanctuary where the art of massage catalyzes balance, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Heather Wolf – Client Care Coordinator/Licensed Esthetician

Heather, a beacon in the Aesthetics community of Rogue Valley for over ten years, is our vitally important Client Care Coordinator, working with clients at every step of their journey at Pure Medspa. Her career has spanned the entirety of medspa operations, from mastering medical spa management and flourishing as a Licensed Esthetician, roles that have seen her champion transformative journeys for clients and peers.

With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Heather remains at the cutting edge of skincare and beauty advancements, her insights echoing the latest technological and ingredient innovations. Her knack for nurturing growth extends to her team of exceptional Estheticians and Clinicians, recognized for their diverse and advanced treatments in Oregon. Heather’s excellence has earned her the rare accolade of Master Hydrafacialist, one of only four in the state.

Beyond her professional realm, Heather’s life is filled with the joys of biking, kayaking, and cherishing moments with her husband and their beloved cat, Monkey. Her approachability and warmth leave a lasting impression, cementing her as an expert and a genuine confidante in the journey towards beauty and wellness.

Heather Wolf – Licensed Esthetician, Patient Care Coordinator

Stefani Ellis – Assistant Spa Manager/Client Concierge

Stefani Ellis is a tapestry of Oregon’s rich landscapes, with her roots firmly planted in the cultural milieu of Ashland. Her journey through Oregon’s diverse locales has shaped a worldly perspective that she brings to her role as Client Concierge. College years gave way to a cherished return to Southern Oregon, where she and her husband have built a bustling nest with their four children, a vibrant trio of girls and one adventurous boy.

Fitness and nutrition aren’t just hobbies for Stefani; they’re a way of life. As a Certified Personal Trainer and an accomplished NPC bodybuilding competitor, she embodies discipline and health, a personal testament to the transformative power of self-care. Her professional path in the beauty industry spans 15 years, with a keen focus on Medical Aesthetics and skincare over the last eight. While her expertise as a Licensed Aesthetician is undeniable, her true calling resonates through the business chords of the industry.

When the day’s work is done, Stefani is a sideline champion for her kids, cheering on every sports play and dance step. Her soul finds joy in embracing nature—be it a challenging hike, a liberating run, or the thrill of rafting. Yet, above all, it’s the quiet, quality moments with her family that are her sanctuary. Stefani’s multifaceted life enriches her approach to client service, making every interaction at the spa a personal and memorable one.

Stefani Ellis – Client Concierge

Mikaela Ford – Certified Advanced Esthetician

Mikaela’s journey in the Rogue Valley, a place she has cherished as home for nearly twenty years, is a tale of discovery and fulfillment. An alumna of Ashland High School and Rogue Community College, her encounter with esthetic treatments sparked a deep-seated passion for enhancing others’ well-being. She pursued this calling in 2019 and 2020, obtaining basic and advanced esthetic licenses.

Today, Mikaela is an integral part of our aesthetics team, contributing to laser skin services, body contouring, facial therapies, and more. Away from the clinic, she relishes the serene beauty of Southern Oregon, spending cherished moments with her husband and daughter amidst its picturesque landscapes.

Mikaela Ford – Certified Advanced Esthetician

Taylor Kenney – Certified Advanced Esthetician

Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Taylor began her esthetics journey in 2020. She started her career in Scottsdale, Arizona where she became a certified laser technician. After relocating back to Oregon she obtained her Advanced Esthetics license to continue her passion in the Rogue Valley.

Taylor has attended many advanced trainings and conferences to stay up to date with the newest technologies and products. Taylor loves providing all skin and body contouring services including Hydrafacial’s, Emsculpt NEO, laser hair removal and more. She is very knowledgeable about skincare and believes it is very important especially when pairing it with laser and facial treatments.

When Taylor isn’t in the office, she enjoys spending time with friends and family on the beautiful Oregon lakes and rivers.

Taylor Kenney – Certified Advanced Esthetician

Siobhan Hammon – Advanced Esthetician

Siobhan Hammon’s roots trace back to Raleigh, North Carolina, blossoming through her high school years in Eagle Point, where she kindled a romance with her now husband of two decades. Their enduring partnership has been a nurturing ground for their two children—a son who has flown the nest and a daughter who keeps the home fires burning brightly.

With a trio of dogs, two golden retrievers, and a Lhasa Apso, plus a cat, her home is a hub of warmth and lively companionship. Siobhan is a soul rejuvenated by nature, whether it’s camping, rafting along the Rogue River, or basking in the serenity of the beach. Her zest for life spills over into leisurely boutique shopping, delving into books, and staying abreast of the latest makeup and skincare innovations.

Entering the realm of esthetics in 2006, Siobhan has honed her craft with a particular affinity for transforming skin concerns such as acne and melasma. It’s the profound connections with her clients, helping them reveal their inner confidence and radiance, that bring her the deepest fulfillment.

Siobhan Hammon – Licensed Esthetician

Aalexyz Wilkinson – Licensed Massage Therapist

Aalexyz is our newest addition to the Pure Medspa family as a highly skilled Massage Therapist. Aalexyz’s passion for health and wellness is matched only by her diverse background in personal training, health coaching, and specialized massage therapies including Reiki, Myofascial Release, and CranioSacral therapy, among others. Her expertise in Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Therapy, ensures a holistic approach to each client’s physical wellbeing.

Beyond her professional life, Aalexyz is an avid adventurer whose hobbies include traveling, backpacking, and gardening. Her love for video games, fitness, wellness, and quantum mechanics, alongside her cherished cat, Chaz Ignatious Rupert, reflects a vibrant and eclectic personal life. Aalexyz brings a unique blend of technical skill, deep knowledge, and genuine care for her clients, promising a rejuvenating experience at Pure MedSpa.

Aalexyz Wilkinson - Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda Barnett – Client Concierge

Marcela Castrejon Perez – Medical Assistant and Client Concierge

Marcela Castrejon Perez enriches our team with her 15 years of healthcare experience, including a significant 12-year tenure at La Clinica Women’s Health Center. Her impressive journey encompasses roles as a medical assistant and phlebotomist, where she not only demonstrated her clinical skills but also took on leadership responsibilities.

Marcela’s bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish empowers her to serve our community effectively, bridging language barriers and enhancing patient care. Her passion for community service is well matched with her enthusiasm for the aesthetics field, where she applies her extensive healthcare background to promote wellness and beauty.

At home, Marcela’s world is brightened by the presence of her committed partner three children spanning ages from toddler to teenager, two dogs and one cat, reflecting her nurturing spirit. Marcela’s dedication to her profession and the community, combined with her personal interests, makes her a valuable and multifaceted member of our team.

Marcela Castrejon Perez - Medical Assistant and Medical Assistant

Kevin Orella – Medical Assistant

Kevin enhances the clinical capabilities of our team with his robust career blending former military service in the U.S. Army, veterinary assisting, and human healthcare in both physician offices and hospital settings.

His post-Army life saw a transition to the Rogue Valley, laying foundations in animal medicine for over a quarter century. This period honed his skills, later enriching his human medical care starting in 2000, where diverse medical roles showcased his dedication to patient care and ongoing clinical education. Today, you’ll see Kevin alongside Joe Gatti, PA-C, caring for Joe’s clients here at Pure MedSpa, ensuring they are safe, comfortable, and prepared for aesthetic injectable and laser procedures. Kevin will also be there for all aftercare needs and questions for Joe’s clients.

Beyond work, Kevin has an affinity for nature and culinary arts, and cherishes family time. He also is involved with wild cat sanctuaries and ensures great care is provided to the majestic beasts. Ultimately, his journey from military service to healthcare embodies a commitment to service, learning, and community engagement, making him a critical addition to our team.

Kevin Orella - Medical Assistant

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