Unlocking the Power of Sciton Laser Rejuvenation: A Comprehensive Guide

Laser technology has radically transformed dermatology, offering precise and versatile skin rejuvenation and resurfacing solutions. At Pure Med Spa in Medford, Oregon, we harness the advanced capabilities of the Sciton family of lasers to deliver cutting-edge treatments. This guide will explore the history of laser technology, compare BBL and IPL, and dive into the transformative benefits of our Sciton laser treatments.

Laser– Then and Now 

The journey of laser technology in skin care began in the 1980s with the introduction of CO2 lasers. These early models, while effective, often led to significant downtime and side effects such as scarring and permanent changes in skin color. Since then, laser technology has evolved tremendously, giving rise to sophisticated systems like the Sciton lasers, which offer effective treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime.

BBL (Broad Band Light) vs. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Understanding the differences between BBL and IPL is essential for selecting the appropriate skin treatment. IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, operates with a broad-spectrum light source that targets a range of skin conditions. At the same time, BBL, or Broad Band Light, employs specific wavelengths to treat targeted skin concerns more precisely and effectively.

Recent studies, notably those conducted by Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. at Stanford University, reveal that regular BBL treatments can improve the skin’s appearance on the surface and at the genetic level. These studies suggest that BBL can alter the expression of genes associated with aging and longevity, effectively resetting skin cells to behave like younger cells. This genetic reversal helps sustain a youthful appearance, as the skin appears smoother, more vibrant, and healthier with continued treatment. This ability to impact skin health at a cellular level distinguishes BBL from traditional IPL treatments, making it an excellent choice for those seeking significant and lasting rejuvenation.

By specifically targeting the signs of aging with precise wavelengths, BBL can offer more customized treatments tailored to individual skin concerns. This innovative approach allows for a higher level of personalization, leading to enhanced outcomes for those looking to restore their youthful glow.

BBL (Broad Band Light)

Transform your skin with the brilliance of BBL! This technology targets skin imperfections at their root, offering a brighter, more even complexion with minimal downtime.

  • Uses: Skin rejuvenation, pigmentation correction, acne treatment, vascular changes, rosacea therapy 
  • Areas Treated: Face, neck, hands, chest
  • Pros: Gentle, non-invasive, minimal downtime
  • Cons: Requires multiple sessions, not ideal for darker skin tones
  • Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemakers
  • Post-Treatment Sun Warnings: Avoid direct sun exposure for 2-3 weeks post-treatment 


Meet Moxi, the gentle yet powerful laser that gives your skin a fresh start. Perfect for early signs of aging and uneven skin tones, Moxi delivers visible results with minimal impact on your daily routine.

  • Uses: Prejuvenation, skin tone evening, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Areas Treated: Face, neck, chest
  • Pros: Gentle, quick treatment, minimal downtime
  • Cons: None– suitable for all skin types, all year round!
  • Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemakers
  • Post-Treatment Sun Warnings: Avoid direct sun exposure for 24-48 hours

Clear-V Vascular Treatment

Clear-V goes beyond the surface to target vascular issues like rosacea and spider veins, providing clear, healthy-looking skin with quick and effective treatments.

  • Uses: Rosacea, spider veins, port wine stains, cherry angiomas
  • Areas Treated: Full body 
  • Pros: Quick treatment, minimal downtime, effective
  • Cons: Some discomfort during treatment
  • Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemakers
  • Post-Treatment Sun Warnings: Avoid direct sun exposure for 24-48 hours

Halo Laser

Step into the spotlight with Halo, the hybrid laser that targets years of damage to unveil your luminous, youthful skin. Halo combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a synergistic effect that revitalizes skin.

  • Uses: Skin rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture improvement
  • Areas Treated: Face, neck, chest
  • Pros: Customizable treatment, minimal downtime, effective
  • Cons: Must be cautious in the sun; can take multiple treatments based on client needs
  • Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemakers
  • Post-Treatment Sun Warnings: Avoid direct sun exposure for 2-3 weeks post-therapy 

Profractional for Scar Treatment

Erase the past with Profractional therapy, a targeted approach that tackles scars and imperfections at their source, promoting rapid healing and smooth, clear skin.

  • Uses: Acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks
  • Areas Treated: Face, body
  • Pros: Effective, minimally invasive, quick treatment
  • Cons: Requires multiple sessions, not suitable for darker skin tones
  • Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemakers
  • Post-Treatment Sun Warnings: Avoid direct sun exposure for 1-2 weeks post-therapy 

Full Field Ablation Resurfacing

Dive deep with Full Field Ablation Resurfacing, a comprehensive solution that strips away years of skin damage to reveal a more youthful, vibrant layer underneath. Sciton’s Contour TRL redefines your skin with precision and less downtime than traditional CO2 resurfacing.

  • Uses: Comprehensive skin rejuvenation, severe wrinkles, deep skin resurfacing
  • Areas Treated: Face
  • Pros: Delivers dramatic results, less downtime than traditional CO2 lasers, effective for deep wrinkles and scars
  • Cons: 7-14 days of healing, then 2 months of absolutely no sun
  • Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, pacemakers
  • Post-Treatment Sun Warnings: Avoid sun exposure for 2-3 months post-treatment

CO2 vs. Contour TRL/Erbium Resurfacing

When it comes to skin resurfacing treatments, Pure Medspa has invested in technology to give you outstanding results with the least amount of pain possible. While other clinics use outdated decades-old CO2 platforms, Pure Medspa uses a brand new SCiton Contour TRL resurfacing platform. While both CO2 lasers and erbium lasers, such as Contour TRL, offer significant benefits, understanding the differences is essential for choosing the best treatment.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing CO2 laser resurfacing is known for removing the outer layers of damaged skin, stimulating collagen production, and revealing smoother, more youthful skin. It is particularly effective for treating deep wrinkles, scars, and sun damage. However, this often comes with a more extended recovery period and a higher risk of side effects such as redness, swelling, scarring, and pigmentation changes. The CO2 laser operates at a wavelength of 10,600 nm, allowing it to vaporize the skin layer by layer, leading to substantial skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Contour TRL/Erbium Resurfacing Erbium laser treatments, such as Contour TRL, operate at a wavelength of 2940 nm, making them more suitable for precisely targeting the water content in the skin. This results in less thermal damage to the surrounding tissues than CO2 lasers. Consequently, the healing process is generally faster, and there is a reduced risk of side effects like prolonged redness or pigmentation changes. Contour TRL allows for variable depth ablation, which means treatments can be adjusted as light or aggressive as needed for the patient’s specific concerns, ranging from superficial skin refreshing to deeper resurfacing for more significant rejuvenation.

Comparing CO2 and Contour TRL/Erbium Resurfacing While both CO2 and Contour TRL lasers are effective for skin rejuvenation, the Contour TRL’s advanced erbium technology offers distinct advantages:

  • Treatment Precision: Contour TRL’s erbium laser provides superior precision compared to CO2 lasers, enabling highly customizable treatments. This precision is advantageous for targeting conditions like acne scars and uneven skin tone. The ability to precisely adjust the depth of therapy makes Contour TRL ideal for those seeking subtle enhancements or deeper corrections, all with minimal disruption to the surrounding tissue.
  • Downtime and Recovery: With Contour TRL’s Erbium technology, patients can expect a significantly quicker recovery. The minimized thermal damage compared to CO2 lasers allows the skin to heal faster, reducing downtime considerably. This makes it an excellent option for those seeking transformative results without the prolonged recovery typically associated with aggressive treatments.
  • Risk of Side Effects: Thanks to its pinpoint precision, the Contour TRL laser reduces the risk of post-treatment redness, pigmentation changes, and other side effects commonly seen with CO2 lasers. Contour TRL ensures a safer and more comfortable healing process by accurately targeting only the necessary areas.
  • Efficacy for Deep Wrinkles and Scars: While CO2 lasers are known for their effectiveness in treating severe wrinkles and scarring, Contour TRL excels in this area with adjustable settings that allow for significant resurfacing while maintaining the benefits of a gentler erbium laser. This means you get the desired level of correction without the added drawbacks of traditional CO2 treatments.

Contour TRL is superior for effective, versatile, and safer skin rejuvenation. Its precision, reduced downtime, and lower risk of side effects make it an excellent option for patients seeking significant improvements without the drawbacks of CO2 treatments.

Take it all Home

Laser technology continues evolving, providing advanced solutions for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. At Pure Med Spa, we pride ourselves on utilizing the best of Sciton’s laser systems to deliver top-notch treatments tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to correct pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, or enhance your skin’s texture, our skilled team is here to help you achieve remarkable results. Contact us today to start your journey toward a radiant, youthful complexion with the power of laser rejuvenation!

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