Why You Deserve CoolSculpting This Year Medford, OR

Woman wearing workout clothes and looking slim

Southern Oregon’s Premiere CoolSculpting® Clinic (that’s us!) is thrilled to announce a new special: This month, you’ll get 20% off CoolSculpting when you purchase six or more cycles! When you factor in The Clinic’s already-low CoolSculpting pricing, you’re getting savings which are truly impossible to beat in Southern Oregon and possibly throughout the entire country.

You’re probably wondering why The Clinic offers such amazing CoolSculpting prices.
Here’s a peek into our philosophy as a practice.

1. You deserve it.

Whatever it may be, whether it’s the highest standard of care for skin cancer removal or whittling down your muffin top so you can fit into a smaller jeans size, you deserve to love and take care of your body on your own terms. We believe everyone has a right to the best care and treatments, and we want our services to be accessible to as many people as possible.

2. We value long-term results.

Many practices can administer CoolSculpting treatments, but you wouldn’t want to go to just any practice for your CoolSculpting treatment, would you? Given a choice, most people want to receive treatment from a staff committed to helping them achieve real and lasting results. We offer CoolSculpting specials as a series of treatments for this very reason. We know your best results are seen with more than one treatment, so we’re eager to set you up for success and help you reach sustainable results.

3. We’re passionate about you!

Since opening The Clinic in 2016, we’ve been driven by a commitment to providing patient-centered care and the highest quality of medical and aesthetic services. This means you are the most important part of our practice! We offer affordable CoolSculpting prices because, to put it simply, we care about you!

Are you thinking about taming a “trouble” spot in 2021? If you have an inch you can pinch, we have CoolSculpting ready for you! To learn more about CoolSculpting treatments in Southern Oregon at The Clinic, please call 541.200.2777 or complete our consultation request form online today!.

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