Want to Wear Less Makeup, Smooth Wrinkles & Glow? Medford, OR

There’s something special about the change of season that inspires us to refresh ourselves in some major way. For many people, after a hot summer of playing in the sun, refreshing our skin is the first order of the day. Are you struggling to cover up sunspots, freckles, redness or blotchiness? Are you tired of trying to dry up chronic congestion and clogged pores? Are lines and wrinkles robbing you of confidence? What about large pores and acne scars? If any or all of these common skin concerns are keeping you from loving your skin, we have wonderful news for you: Pure Medspa can help you reclaim your best complexion at any age and stage of life!

Here’s how we can help!

We’ve invested in the BEST skin rejuvenation technology on the market!

We are utterly devoted to your skin’s health and beauty, which means we’ve invested in the most advanced skin rejuvenation technology on the market to help renew your skin from within and get it glowing for the long term.

Before & After ClearSilk + BBL Case 35 Left Oblique View in Medford, Oregon
Before & After BBL
  • Halo™ fractional laser skin resurfacing is the first hybrid laser treatment ever to stimulate your skin in two ways simultaneously: with fractionated ablative energy and non-ablative energy. What this means for you is dramatic skin renewal from deep within, resulting in smoother texture, smaller pores, more even skin tone, softened lines and wrinkles, and a radiant glow.
  • BBL™ photofacial is the best form of intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment you can get. It’s the most powerful and the most effective. BBL photofacial is ideal for correcting all those dark spots and sun damage you see after a summer in the sun, or a lifetime of picnic outings. No matter how you got your sun damage, we can fix it with a series of BBL photofacials. For your best results, we recommend incorporating BBL into your seasonal skin care regimen so you can continue refreshing your skin and maintaining your benefits.

Here’s the secret about skin rejuvenation treatments like Halo and BBL: These treatments literally stimulate your skin to grow new collagen and elastin, the building blocks for strong, supple, youthful skin. The more you can stimulate your skin the better, so you really can’t lose by treating your skin to professional laser skin rejuvenation treatments. You are not only reversing sun damage and helping your skin stay healthy but are also building your skin’s strength and radiance every time you undergo a treatment.

We are devoted to your skin in every way, so we promise you that we are not trying to sell you on our technology. We are simply eager for you to enjoy the benefits of skin rejuvenation for yourself! Trust us, our laser skin treatments will not let you down.

To learn more about skin rejuvenation at Pure Medspa, please call us any time at (541) 200-2444 or request a consultation online. Don’t forget: Our new bilingual provider, David Richardson, PA-C, is now accepting patients! David is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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