Cutting-Edge Dermal Filler Techniques in Medford, OR

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At Pure Medspa, we believe in helping you love your look at any age! After all, age is only a number. We are always looking out for the newest dermal filler techniques to help our patients reach their aesthetic goals, and one modern focus we’ve been making note of is the interest in “profile balancing,” as noted on This focus is likely a result of selfie culture and boosted by the increased use of video chats.

With “profile balancing,” the goal is to balance your facial features in a harmonious way, rather than focusing first on one specific area of the face and then moving on to another. The chin is often overlooked when it comes to achieving a younger-looking and more balanced profile overall. 

This new focus on chin augmentation makes sense, although it’s not an area most people think of first when considering dermal fillers. The chin contributes notably to the overall shape of our face, and it does change as we age and naturally lose bone, fat, and skin elasticity in the area. When this occurs, the face develops a more bottom-heavy look, often accompanied by jowls.

How can dermal fillers help you plump, firm, and smooth your complexion for an ageless look and a noticeably improved profile? It starts with tried-and-trueJUVÉDERM® fillers, all of which use a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring moisture magnet that naturally decreases as we age.

JUVÉDERM Fillers Offered at Pure Medspa

    Voluma XC has just recently been approved by the FDA for chin augmentation in addition to restoring youthful volume, contour, and lift to your cheeks and midface. On the chin, Voluma XC can provide an improved chin profile, adding more definition and firm skin for an overall younger appearance. Voluma XC boosts volume and revitalizes your look, resulting in healthy, vibrant, and natural-looking facial volume with results lasting up to two years.
    Vollure targets deeper nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and smile lines, offering results for up to 18 months.
    Volbella XC is used to provide subtle, natural-looking lip augmentation while also smoothing and softening the appearance of perioral lines around your mouth. It works for up to one year.

Expertly administering VOLUMA XC to the chin area can help reverse common signs of aging, providing a more prominent and younger-looking chin and enhancing your overall appearance. Treating your chin with Voluma XC can even enhance the lips and mouth area, helping your lips appear fuller and more symmetrical.

Above all else, when helping a patient augment their chin, our highly skilled staff are dedicated to doing so gradually, artfully and according to your unique needs and goals. Each person’s face is uniquely their own, and so this treatment is always tailored to your specific desires.

To learn more about our dermal fillers and the many rejuvenating possibilities they offer, simply call us today at (541) 200-2444 or use the online form to request a consultation.

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