Can a Skincare Product Enhance Your Injectables Session? (YES!) Medford, OR

We are thrilled to expand our skin care product menu with Alastin® Skincare, a critically acclaimed and results-driven line of skin care products. Alastin is formulated to enhance the results of your professional aesthetic treatments and bring out your best-looking skin at every age. Here’s a rundown of our current selection and how each formula works to bring out your radiant best.

INhance Post-Injection Serum

Injectables are the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the world, helping millions of people smooth wrinkles and plump up lost volume without surgery. If millions of people are undergoing injectables, then it stands to reason they may also be experiencing common side effects like swelling or bruising on occasion. For decades, injectables patients have been quietly putting up with these side effects — until now! Thanks to Alastin, Botox® and filler devotees can mitigate side effects and even enhance the results of their injectables sessions with INhance Post-Injection Serum, an advanced formula specially formulated to pair perfectly with your injectables treatments to help soothe your skin and speed your recovery. (Best of all, this serum has endless uses; it can also help after microneedling sessions and other skin rejuvenation treatments.)

Most important of all, this serum is clinically shown to:

  • Accelerate recovery from post-injection bruising and swelling
  • Improve skin hydration and plumpness
  • Provide a soothing effect during treatment application, thanks to its cooling applicator tip
  • Work with the skin to clear out damaged elastin and collagen and support the production of new, healthy elastin and collagen.

TriHex Transition Duo

TriHex Transition Duo includes two acclaimed Alastin products: 1) Regenerating Skin Nectar (designed for use before and after skin-rejuvenating procedures for faster recovery and improved results) and 2) Restorative Skin Complex (formulated to strengthen skin and combat all visible signs of aging). Both of these products contain proprietary TriHex Technology® which clears away damaged skin cells and debris and paves the way for vibrant new collagen and elastin growth.

Why you need it: These products help to enhance the results of your professional skin rejuvenation treatments! So, if you’re planning on getting a Halo™ fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment with us, which we highly recommend for removing damaged skin cells after summer and stimulating new collagen and elastin growth for younger looking, brighter skin, you’ll definitely want to stock up on these Alastin products to boost your results and maintain them for the long term. By the way, TriHex Technology is clinically shown to improve the appearance of skin texture and firmness. You’ll start noticing tangible results with daily use! It’s hard to beat medical-grade products like this.

This month, receive a FREE HydraFacial MD® treatment when you purchase our Impeccable Skin package (package includes Halo™, BBL™ and a discount on recommended product at consult).

Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm

Many people love using this clear balm to quench their chapped lips, but you can apply this thick moisturizing salve anywhere on the body to soothe injured or irritated skin and speed healing. In fact, Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm was developed specifically for use and application following professional skin-rejuvenating treatments to help hydrate, soothe and strengthen compromised skin, so you can rest assured it’s a keeper in your skin care arsenal.

Gentle Cleanser

This self-foaming and sulfate-free cleanser thoroughly removes environmental pollutants and makeup. This super gentle product is designed especially for use following skin treatments, to remove impurities without drying or irritating the skin. Plus, it actually calms skin with powerful antioxidants!

But wait! There’s more! Have you heard about our new sunscreens from TIZO®?

We recently discovered TIZO AM Replenish and TIZO Ultra Zinc Body & Face sunscreens, which come in both tinted and non-tinted formulations to suit your preferences. We are super excited to offer TIZO to you! Considering that more than 90% of your skin’s aging process can be attributed to sun damage, not Father Time, sunscreen is your most important beauty weapon, so we want you to love wearing it! TIZO is truly an all-star sunscreen brand that is a pleasure to wear. TIZO’s mineral sunscreens are formulated with a silky-soft texture and matte finish to enhance the look of your skin while also protecting it from free-radicals and environmental damage, thanks to a healthy dose of antioxidants and ceramides. We can’t wait for you to try TIZO for yourself!

Ready to stock up on medical-grade skin care and sunscreen? We are ready and waiting to help! Please call us any time at 541-200-2777 or request a consultation online. Don’t forget: Our new bilingual provider, David Richardson, PA-C, is now accepting patients! David is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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