4 Med Spa Treatments To Give Your Skin a Spring Refresh

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It’s time to spring clean your skin! Your most radiant complexion is just around the corner with laser skin rejuvenation and other facial med spa treatments at our Medford, OR, dermatology practice.

Woman considering spring treatments to her skin in Medford, OR.

In this blog post, we’re sharing a few of our must-try spring treatments to break your skin free of the winter blues and get it looking its best for the summer adventures that lie ahead.

What Does Your Skin Crave in the Spring?

How can you take the very best care of your skin as we transition from winter into the warmer months? Start by focusing on these factors:

  • Shedding dry, flaky winter skin: Exfoliation is key for sloughing away winter layers and revealing the healthy, radiant skin underneath.
  • Rehydrating your skin: It’s normal to lose some moisture during the drier months. Focus on replenishing your hydration for a dewy glow.
  • Giving your complexion a fresh start: Hit the reset button on your skin by clearing blockages, revitalizing dull areas, and smoothing out your skin’s texture.
  • Getting ahead of the game on sun damage: Spring is the time to be proactive about minimizing damage and picking up good sun protection habits before summer arrives.

While a great at-home routine will take care of many of these goals, we recommend a few in-office treatments for treating your skin to a little extra love.

HALO® Laser Skin Resurfacing

Wake up your skin and jump-start its natural regenerative process with the HALO hybrid fractional laser. HALO combines ablative and nonablative lasers to stimulate collagen and elastin production while minimizing your downtime.

It’s best to take advantage of this treatment before summer arrives. Lasers make your skin especially sensitive to UV rays in the weeks following a treatment, so you’ll need to be diligent about sunscreen and staying out of the sun as much as possible.

  • What It Treats: Fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and discoloration, uneven skin tone and texture, sun damage, scars, and more
  • Safe Skin Types: Safe for all skin types when properly customized
  • Treatments Needed: 1 or 2 sessions
  • Recovery: A few days of social downtime


The ultimate all-in-one skin refresh, HydraFacial hydrates and nourishes your skin to give you that fresh, dewy, and healthy glow. The facial works by cleansing and exfoliating your skin, extracting pore blockages, and infusing your skin with powerful serums customized for your needs.

You’ll see the difference in your skin right away. You’ll even get to peek at the “gunk jar” that collects all the dead skin and debris removed during your facial. Plus, a HydraFacial only takes 30 minutes, so it’s easy to fit into even the busiest spring schedules.

  • What It Treats: Dullness, dryness, clogged pores, and more
  • Safe Skin Types: Safe for all skin types
  • Treatments Needed: 1 session per month
  • Recovery: No downtime

ForeverYoung BBL®

One of the most popular treatments for sun damage, ForeverYoung BBL rejuvenates your skin both on the surface and at a cellular level. A Stanford study found ForeverYoung BBL changed the expressions of certain genes to match those of people with younger-looking skin.

BBL is a great complement to a good at-home skincare routine complete with lots of sun protection.

  • What It Treats: Sun damage, dark spots, discoloration, fine lines, and more
  • Safe Skin Types: Typically not recommended for deeper skin as it carries a risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation
  • Treatments Needed: 3 to 5 sessions
  • Recovery: A few hours of mild redness similar to a sunburn

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX is your secret to looking flawless without filters in all your vacation photos. This wrinkle-relaxing injectable takes just a few minutes to administer, and it delivers skin-smoothing results that will last all season.

  • What It Treats: Crow’s feet around the eyes, horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines or “11s” between the eyebrows, and other dynamic wrinkles
  • Safe Skin Types: Safe for all skin types
  • Treatments Needed: 1 session every 3 to 4 months
  • Recovery: No downtime, temporary mild redness near injection sites
Actual patient who received Botox cosmetic for forehead, Glabella, and crow's feet.
Actual patient before & after who received Botox cosmetic at our clinic for forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet.

Your Spring Skin Checklist

Before you go, here are a few more quick tips for a healthy complexion this spring and year-round:

  • Schedule an annual skin cancer screening. If you haven’t yet, pencil in a regular screening to check for moles and other anomalies. Learn more about the importance of screenings in this earlier blog post.
  • Spring clean your beauty and skincare tools. You don’t want to know how much acne-causing bacteria they may be harboring.
  • Incorporate an exfoliant. The winter months can be too drying for regular exfoliation, but now is the time to work either a physical or chemical exfoliant back into your routine.
  • Switch to a lighter moisturizer. You won’t need as thick or heavy a moisturizer in the spring as you did during the winter.
  • Make sure you’re stocked up on SPF. Keep a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 on hand and use it daily!

Spring Into Radiant Skin

Would you like to learn more about the best med spa treatments for spring? Please get in touch with our Medford dermatology team by contacting us online or giving us a call at (541) 200-2777.

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